Todd and I are setting up this site to enable Cheryl’s friends and family to see the work that is up at Lula right now (through August 2006) and to make some of it available to people close to her. There are early plans to exhibit more of it later on, as there is a lot more to show than there is space for at Lula. The important thing to me is that people that were close to her, people that think about her and feel her absence in the world be able to have something of hers. It’s one slightly more concrete way to keep her effect on the world alive. She was incredibly prolific as an artist, but wasn’t as determined about getting the work out in the world and in front of people. When I would occasionally push her to show she would push back. I think, though, that not having to actually be here, at the opening, or behind the bar and under the spotlight, she would secretly be very happy. And not as surprised as she might act, to find that people actually liked and were as impressed by the work as they are. The work is really great. It’s quietly beautiful, thoughtful, funny, smart…and with a stubborn singularity of vision. All like her. And I thought all of that before I even really knew her (except maybe for the stubborn singularity of vision part, I found out about that later), so I don’t think I’m biased just because she was the love of my life.

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